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Iain Stephens Floral Design have been servicing Auckland Businesses for the past 20 years. Many of the services we offer include fresh & artificial floral arrangements.

Fresh Floral Arrangements

We provide many businesses throughout the Auckland's CBD with a fresh vase of flowers every week. Flowers are inexpensive and a versatile way to provide a changeable ambience and mood for your space. Every week we aim to wow our clients with a new design incorporating the freshest flowers in season. We deliver on a weekly or fortnightly basis and include attractive vases to hire to complement the arrangement desired. To this end we can tailor a flexible package to suit your particular situation.

All our fresh floral displays are maintenance free. Our designers carefully ensure you do not have to worry about them. However some flowers especially in hotter months do require a bit of water, just a top up in your vase once a week will be enough.

Our corporate rates start from as low as $50 per week for a small arrangement. A standard arrangement which many of our customers prefer will cost $80 per week. These prices include delivery and vase hire. More outstanding exquisite displays start at $100 per week.

To view our online gallery, follow this link

Artificial Floral Arrangements

Here at Iain Stephens Floral Design we also have realistic floral arrangements for monthly hire. Our artificial floral arrangements are maintenance free, no pollen or allergy problems that can occur with fresh flowers. With this long lasting style of arrangement you get a new installations each month. Our creative artistic team can supply for hire or sale artificial flowers that can give any environment a touch of elegance and class.

So say goodbye to those sneezes and itchy eyes – we have the solution for you!

  • No maintenance
  • No water spillage
  • No stagnant water or wilting petals

Artificial Arrangements weekly rental costs start from $12.50. Most of clients prefer a standard medium arrangement which costs $15 per week. These prices include delivery and vase hire.

Click here for the online gallery of Artificial Flower Arrangements